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What is WordPress? Understanding the History of WordPress in 2017

what is wordpress 2017

What is WordPress? Why WordPress?

WordPress themes, WordPress plugins etc etc etc…

Let’s understand in detail and to the point of what and why WordPress.

There are lot of other platforms on which you can build your blog or a website.

Tumblr, Blogspot, WordPress, Blogger, Magento etc.

So then why WordPress? Because WordPress is also known as CMS. (Content Management System)

It is the easiest platform you can build your website on.

As off Feb 2017, 27% of the websites in the world are powered by WordPress.

what is wordpress

Why people like me and you should think of WordPress in the first place?

Because it is a brilliant platform for people who are non-technical and have no coding knowledge.

I am personally a 3 times final year drop out by choice from Engineering college and I am proud to have built this blog by my own without any technical skills.

Yes, Digital Marketing For Free is built upon WordPress.

WordPress is also known for its community.

Its powerful community comes from WordPress’s open-source CMS software which is powered by PHP and MySQL.

There are plenty of freelance developers who are developing WordPress themes for WordPress platform.

To make it simpler, WordPress is a platform on which you are building your website and WordPress themes and plugins are used to enhance the performance (look and feel, the design, speed and lot more factors) of your website.

Let’s take a real life example to understand this digital concept:

Let’s suppose you wanna build your own house.

For that you will first have to purchase a PLOT or a naked space or a land on which you wanna build your house. (Consider this as your WordPress platform)

Next, you will need to have put on the bricks, lay the foundation and the house will be built. (WordPress themes)

After that, finally you will want to have the furniture, interior decorations and all. (WordPress plugins)

So WordPress is that simple for people like me who don’t have any coding knowledge.

Just like Blogspot which is owned by Google, its parent company; WordPress is owned by Automattic.

WordPress was first started as an all around blogging tool and has turned into a constantly evolving CMS (content management system).

The first version of WordPress was released as an open source project licensed under GPLV2.

In the last 14 years, WordPress has evolved as the most popular platform for creating blogs and websites.

WordPress was co-founded in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg & Mike Little.

WordPress is backed up by its parent company Automattic.

It also offers various WordPress related services and products.

Few to mention are:

WordPress.com, VaultPress, JetPack, VideoPress, WordPressVIP, Gravatar, and many others.

WordPress Themes:

WordPress is backed by a huge community of freelance designers and development companies.

They offer free and premium WordPress themes.

One of the biggest challenges for a website today is to have a great design, and WordPress themes are the solution to that problem.

Anyone can download a WordPress theme for free from the official WordPress repository or 3rd party website.

If you want to go for a more professional route, you can pay a small amount and get a premium WordPress theme.

WordPress Plugins:

The most interesting thing about WordPress are the plugins.

Plugins enhance the core features of the WordPress software.

They help in adding new features to your WordPress-powered websites and there is a WordPress plugin for almost everything.

You can download WordPress plugins from the official plugin directory for free, or you can get them from premium stores.

So what are you waiting for?

what is wordpress - start a blog

Feel free to let me know via the comments if I have missed on anything on the history of WordPress.

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