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Should I Take a Drop After Class 12? This is what I did way back in 2009

should i take a drop

SHOULD I TAKE A DROP from college or after class 12?

I have seen a lot of people asking questions on quora regarding this DROP OUT THING!!!

should i take a drop

If you are one of them who is looking to take a drop then let me tell you this: If I were you, I would take the decision of dropping out of the college which I actually did way back in 2009 from the final year of Engineering.

YES. You should take a drop and listen to what your heart says and do what you love to do. If you know what you are taking the drop for.

As of today (24th March 2017), when I am writing this blog post, I would like to mention that last night I answered the above question on quora and within the first 24 hours I got 3.7k views and 10 upvotes.

should i take a dropshould i take a drop

Why are so many college dropouts successful in their life?

Because, THEY KNEW what they are taking the DROP for…

Whatever you do, you should always keep on EXECUTING… Learn, Apply & Share!

Learning alone will not help you unless you EXECUTE!

should i take a drop

I am a 3 times, proud drop out BY CHOICE from the final year of Engineering college & a very proud owner of www.DigitalMarketingForFree.com + www.DigitalPratik.com + my own YouTube channel + various other online resources.

I’m a 28 year old dude from India who makes a living on Internet. I call myself an Internet Laptop Entrepreneur & I love to help other people via digital marketing ocean.

I consider myself the luckiest person on Earth. And actually I’m Because,,,, I didn’t win any lottery, I don’t drive a fancy car, and I’m not at all super famous.

But what I do have is a beautiful picture (in my mind) of my coming soon wife, a beautiful picture (in my mind) of my cute little amazing children, a loving family, super duper se bhi uper waale kamineyyy (very naughty & funny) yet awesome friends, and a line of work that allows me to spend most of my time with them.

My Story

Here’s my personal story for your inspiration, because I am here not to brag, but to inspire you to never give up on your dreams but to keep moving forward!

I am just an ordinary guy who always gives his best to do things in an extra-ordinary way.

A 27 years old dude, who has an incredible passion to be able to make full time income from Digital Ocean.

Let me tell you, I don’t have any COLLEGE DEGREE!

should i take a drop

I am a 3 times, proud drop out BY CHOICE from the final year of Engineering college & a very proud owner of www.DigitalMarketingForFree.com + www.DigitalPratik.com + my own YouTube channel + various other online resources.

And while I was building up my online resources, I was fortunate enough to work at DSIM (India’s 1st & premium digital marketing training institute) as the Senior Digital Marketing Trainer where my role was to train professionals in the field of Digital Marketing.

While I was there, I was being rewarded as THE AWESOME TRAINER by a lot of trainees.

should i take a drop

My Journey started Like This:

Back in 2007 I had scored 88% in Science and got into Engineering college in 2007.

During my college days I always used to excel with flying colors not until mid of 2009, my father got a paralysis stroke (He is doing well now, thanks to everyone who prayed for him).

On top of that, I started disliking the communication subjects in my second half of Engineering.

I TOOK A DROP… Got myself into a SALES profession. Was doing very well in that as well.

In 2010, due to family pressures, I had to go to college once again and this time as well after a couple of months, I TOOK A DROP 2nd time!

Once again the SALES profession! Again, family pressure, went to college and you guessed it correct \U0001f642

I TOOK A DROP 3rd time!

should i take a drop

While I was on this DROPPING PATH, I was also learning Digital Marketing by my own without letting my family know about it. Whenever I used to get a chance to connect my laptop to an internet connection anywhere, I used to immerse myself into learning Digital Marketing (Online Marketing or Internet Marketing)

Finally in 2013, I decided not to go to college anymore. TOUGH DECISION indeed!

should i take a drop

Cutting it short, today as you are reading this, I can proudly announce this that I AM AN INTERNET LAPTOP ENTREPRENEUR & the proud owner of this website.

Internet is the biggest invention of all times and i am betting big on it.

To further my story, I am obsessed with Public Speaking and plan to achieve the honor of speaking at TED by the age of 30 in the field of Entrepreneurship/Marketing/Business.

Was it is EASY for me to go from a drop out from Engineering to owner of Digital Marketing For Free?

Nope, not at all… A lot of sacrifies… A few to mention here!

Honestly, I have seen days in my life wherein I just had the last 300 INR on my name to survive upon.

I had locked myself inside my room, crying all alone. I just can’t even imagine about that situation.

I would never go back into that life but yes, I would even, never ever forget that experience of a very rough patch of my life.

After all this, I never ever stopped myself and I always used to chase my dreams and believe in myself.

Meanwhile, I got some mental & financial support by one of my sister, MAYURI DIDI & CHIRAG JIJU along with all the support from my AWESOME friends & my Digital Marketing mentors.

I got so much into LEARNing, APPLYing & SHARing that I was slowly being called as a BUSY PERSON. Lol

And all that credit goes to my BEST FRIEND & now my Business Partner, Khyati Odedara! Without her constant support nothing would have been possible.

And this is what she posted on Instagram on my 28th birthday this year.

should i take a drop

Below mentioned are the pics of my friends and my cousin sister Mayuri Didi who were always there for me in my good and most importantly my bad times.

One word for them and that’s THANK YOU!

should i take a drop

should i take a dropThere is a hell lot which I can talk about when it comes to my struggles.

However, one quality which I am proud to have within myself is: No matter what, I always used to wear that SMILE on my face. Yes, that was the same when I was left with 300 INR (except while I am alone because that used to be the only time I could replace my SMILE with some tears).

should i take a drop

One thing which I have learned and have got into my blood now is that: “If I don’t have struggles, I don’t enjoy my goals. I am able to enjoy my success and more importantly the journey in achieving my goals, only if I face a hell lot of struggles. Struggles make me Stronger than before.”

I know I have an inspiring story & I am here to inspire you too, however I want to do it the right way.

Daily I learn something new in my life, Daily I apply that something new which I have learnt in my life & Daily I share that something new, which I have learned and applied in my life, with other people.

should i take a drop

Hope this short little post boosts you up in whatever you DO in your life.

Because Knowledge is Important but Application of that Knowledge is WAY MUCH MORE IMPORTANT.

So whether you do college or you don’t and take a drop, you will achieve SUCCESS if you DO YOUR SHIT! Put in the HARD + SMARK work and be consistent.

God bless. Stay Awesome 🙂

Pratiksinh Chudasama (Digital Pratik)

should i take a drop


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