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What Softwares & Apps I am Using for Social Media Content in 2017

social media content creation 2017

So I have got a lot of people asking me the same thing in various different formats and questions.

They ask me repeatedly on various different channels like YouTube comments, Instagram DMs, Emails, Facebook messages and many others.

Honestly, I wanna reach out to everyone of them with my true reply but I am a human and not a bot so unfortunately can’t do that.

However, I wanna help other people with my practical experiences and real life learnings and hustle of digital marketing.

So I thought of recording this video which is a random video just like most of them.

I got this idea while I was leaving from the Gym on 26th July 2017.

By the way, the question which everybody is asking is:

“What apps I am using for social media content creation?”

“What softwares I am using for editing my videos on Instagram?”

“What resources I have?”

“Do I do that on my phone or my laptop or any other digital devices?”

So here’s MY HONEST ANSWER to all of them below!

Watch this 15 min video:

Knowledge is important. But what is more important is APPLICATION of that knowledge.

That is how you truly become a successful digital marketer.

Every single successful marketer out there is a practitioner.

They all have started successfully by practicing marketing knowledge on their own website.

To make money online via digital marketing you need to first learn and implement digital marketing by yourself. And most importantly, BE PATIENT! There is nothing like OverNight Success.

I don’t have a college degree and after leaving my college way back in 2010, this is 2017 as I am updating this article.

It has been a 7 years long digital journey for me. So don’t try to compare yourself with anybody else.

Simply try to be better than what you were yesterday. Take one step at a time. Start small and then scale big.

Taking this to the further step, start subscribing to the top digital marketing blogs and follow their email tips on regular basis. (This is how I have learnt most of my digital journey and I am still the same)

Read their emails and go through what they are saying and apply those techniques on your own website.

It’s all about practicality.

The more you apply the more you will succeed in the field of digital marketing.

To make things simpler for you, here is a great list to kick start off for your digital marketing learning experience.

Subscribe to their blogs and make sure you go through their emails, videos and most importantly APPLY!

Share this important article with your friends who want to start their Digital Journey and have financial problems.

I love you, I appreciate you. God bless you & Stay awesome!!!

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