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Journey Of A Digital Entrepreneur, Mr. Gaurav Madaan

gaurav madaan

Who is Gaurav Madaan?

Before sharing his journey, I would like to share one important lesson with you. In Life, Sometimes you take bad decisions but never let them consume you, rather step up with the Sun the next day and Move ahead.

Gaurav Madaan is a 26 year old Successful (Took a while) Serial Internet Entrepreneur with a zeal to help people grow their business online.

The Internet Dream

His Journey has been more like the deceptive success of being rather than doing but not anymore. Let me explain:

He started back in 2010 when the Internet Bubble happened, those early aged Internet Scammers as the world presumed but we don’t do any of those things.

It all started with a Blog, in 2010 he booked his first domain via a MLM company called In-Online …  Funny he booked a domain name – gauravbuzz.info ..

Fast forward today he thinks that he could have made so much more money have he thought the domain name properly, he is talking about domaining… There are many who do it till date and are quiet successful with it…

He likes the Internet thing more than the whole sales triangle in MLM… He tried to make his website, everything he could imagine in his vivd dreams.

From a Social Network to a News site – he had no clue what he was doing..

And then he discovered Google Adsense.

….Imagining the good old days where he used to dream of dollars every morning from my Adsense Account.. But, it was damn tough indeed..

So i took another route, Ever heard of Omegle? It’s a website where one can chat with Strangers, and i had my aha moment right there..

So he created a page where he placed an Adsense banner, the Head Line read “If you want to See me go Live, then Click the Banner Below“

-Says an Imaginary Girl

….he headed to Omegle and dropped a message saying “If you want to see me go live, then click on the link below” in the name of a fictionary girl.

Oh boy, he was getting some serious traffic and accidentally he built his first funnel online that day 😉

Omegle -> Website Landing Page -> Banner (Clicks -> $$$$$)

He was really enjoying the game and did almost his first $100 back in early 2011 with this technique…Until he woke up..

When he woke up next day, dollars cheque did not come, but he did receive an email from Google, (I know you are laughing right now) – but this has happened to many of us, lol..

It said “Your Account has been disabled

He learnt his lesson – it’s not easy to “Make Money Online” but it is not even difficult provided you build assets and are consistent in nurturing them..

Fast forward March 2017 – he has his first legitimate cheque from Adsense.. Hell Yeah, the ‘feeling is royal indeed’..

The Realisation is the Biggest Driver

Right after the 2011, he completed his Graduation but the bumpy ride and a tinge of Internet left a lasting mark on his brain, he knows it’s too extreme of words he used here but it did last more than an Impression..

So he started exploring possibilities of getting closer to his dream of Internet Marketing..

The closest he could think of was a MBA in Marketing..

Sat for couple of entrance exams and settled for a College named “Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies” Hyderabad Branch..

His expectations were high and he was hoping that they would teach him Google Adwords, Analytics, Facebook Marketing etc.

But as usual life always has a different plan for you..

Unlucky for him that there was not enough of Internet Marketing in College..

These disappointments and investment in education urged him to start his Journey again in the space of Internet.

A mild fight with a friend (Obviously a girl) motivated me to Start “Geekotech” in 2013, now a 7 Figure Business on Internet.. 

Some fights have a bigger meaning in Life lol..

In 2013, he started blogging in his Internship with Draft FCB Ulka where he also learnt the art of reporting for Google Adwords and worked on some of big clients projects though he just prepared reports..

He learnt a lot from Blogging, and wrote over 100 articles in less than 3 months… He was on fire that time..

After that, he collaborated with 2 of his mates (Sid and Anand) from College who helped shape Geekotech in a refreshing appearance..

Fate is for REAL :

In 2014 (While he was still in college), he was introduced to Mr. Vinod Achanta (A Faculty Member and a very kind person).. He was a practitioner in the field of marketing with a real estate company and also a Digital Marketing Enthusiast..

Gaurav never thought after the initial disappointment that ‘College would add any value to me’ but Fate is for REAL…

Vinod Sir helped him to frame his Digital journey as he saw potential in Gaurav. Sir, helped him co-host a workshop of 50 Entrepreneurs from India for ISB Goldman Sachs Women Entrepreneurship Program..

ISB 10000 Women Entrepreneurship Programme

Post that workshop, he got his first ever Online Project from a Mumbai Based Transcription client..

The First project is always special..

It was a confirmation of my belief in Digital Media..

But wait, there is more Fate to his story than you have seen till now…

With my belief in Digital Media and my entrepreneurial tendencies, he wanted to Start a Digital Marketing College because he could not get the education he needed in College and could see a Blue Ocean opportunity to get the ball rolling..

But yet again Fate had different plans, Vinod Sir has a family and he could not risk it all and without his support it was hard for Gaurav to arrange the setup and the funds..

So  he gave up on his Dream and got back to his Hometown post his Masters..

He was contemplating for 50 days and doing nothing but sitting at home.

He did not take the job because all he has ever wanted in his life is to be a Digital Entrepreneur and the companies coming to Campus offered nothing much beyond a sales job…

Parents Pressure always Speaks High of You

Being at home, one thing which we have to deal with is Parents Pressure and with a 50 day high it was doing Bharat Natyam on his head…

It got to him and he ventured out yet again – starting from Scratch..

2015 it was, he looked for possible Interviews and got one fixed in a span of 1 day..

Went for the interview, cracked it and joined in 2 days..

That was his first ever job, but boy did i tell you that he is a strong believer – he joined as a Digital Marketing Manager in Merkenezer Brandcom continuing his belief towards his Internet Dream..

Bagged a lot of praise in the very first month…

Wait, Fate is Coming !

His Boss introduced me to “Delhi School of Internet Marketing” saying that they reached out to his previous Social Media Manager and asked be a trainer..

His old dream of opening a Digital Marketing School had him pumping and he could not resist himself to reach out to DSIM for an Interview to be a Trainer..

Journey at DSIM as a “Digital Marketing Trainer”

Fate is here, he was interviewed and selected. He was trained by Kunal – Founder of DSIM.

He is a gem of a person and had a positive influence on shaping Gaurav’s Career in Digital Marketing..

Before he left DSIM, he had trained 2500+ professionals in the field of Digital Marketing and shaped many lives..

See some of his Videos from Old Batches:

{ You can find a lot of my videos on Youtube 😉 to an extent that he got famous for his Selfie Videos }

He continued with DSIM (First as a Trainer and then as a Training and Delivery Head) for 2 years.

Learnt so much during my stay there but there was something spectacular that he witnessed ..

While learning and preparing for my classes, he saw Kunal’s video in which he showed how by promoting famous brands in India as an Affiliate, he was able to make $10,000 in less than a weeks time..

Oh boy, this did lure me and he was back on his journey of making money online!

Under the influence of that Video – he joined his first ever affiliate program with Hostgator and did his first $1000 in affiliate commissions with ease.. (This was just the first month and a pinch of blood for the Tiger, lol)

He still remembers, in late 2015 he was searching for Affiliate Guides on Internet to learn more and discovered LukePeerfly blog..

He has got some really classy things on his blog if you aspire to be an Affiliate Marketer..

One fine day, Gaurav received an email from Luke Peerfly (Luke Kling) about a newly launched tool called Engagifire and he was excited and did his first transaction in the industry of Tools..

Also this introduced him to Funnels and JVzoo…

In a parallel world his dear friend ‘Saurabh Bhatnagar’ was learning along side with him the nuances of Digital World..

And they were introduced to a tool called ‘SmartMember’ in June 2015..

They took a decision to invest in SmartMember Lifetime License worth $500 and that defined almost everything…

Don’t be afraid to invest money, Life is worth taking chances.. Just be committed to the goal..

They invested in the tool to launch one of our own courses called ‘Internet Profits’ but there was a break in this as Saurabh was still busy with ‘USP’ his last entrepreneurial venture along with 6 other partners…

The JVZoo takeover?

Gaurav’s first ever product on JVZoo was Engagifire – they relaunched in September 2015 and boy it was one amazing promo..

He did $3138 in commissions in merely 7 days!

Check out the Case Study below for the same:

=> Check The Case Study Here

The JVZoo became a receptive name in his dictionary after this promo

Entered Mr. Fate again….

Since he wanted to launch his own course and leave the job, but Saurabh was still involved in day to day operational activities of USP and this led to the crunch in time for both of them!

It took them longer than expected to formulate the company officially named ‘Geeko Computech Pvt. Ltd.”, ultimately they launched their first course ‘Internet Profits‘ in August 2016..

Well that was a long wait indeed…striving to do something of his own ….

STRUGGLE IS FOR REAL, sometimes with results and sometimes with beginnings.

From Affiliates they became Vendors and have successfully launched 2 SAAS startups namely ‘LiveSutiePro’ and ‘GramKosh

Both of them bagged ‘JVZoo Product of the Day’ did over 2,50,000 $ in (combined sales) the first 7 days of their launch..

They are continuously trying to innovate in the Digital Space and looking to take their Startups to the next level..

They also continue to evolve as affiliates and have done multiple 5 Figure promos for a lot of Products/Vendors…

For the love of writing he continues to write on gauravmadaan.com, gramkosh.com/blog/ and livesuitepro.com/blog/..

He loves to help others to reach their Internet Dream.

After all it’s not that difficult to make a real business on Internet.. Feel free to join for his free VIP Newsletter..

If you have any product idea or a product which you may want to bring to the market, he can be your go to man..

Feel free to Reach out – gm@gauravmadaan.com or Directly Message him Here

Conclusion: Life is too short to base it on regrets, lift your head high and #KeepWalking!