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How To Install WordPress Theme For Beginner

install wordpress themes

Like WordPress plugin installation, WordPress themes can be installed from Dashboard or FTP software.

Here you will find the guide to both the methods & before we move ahead, I would like you to read the following guide, which will help you to get started with WordPress.

WordPress Themes are Free and Premium as well.

You can get the FREE ones from WordPress official Theme directory. For Premium ones there are lot of resources which you might find in the recommended resources center.

May be you might wanna Install WordPress locally and test your WP Theme before making new theme live on your site.

For starters, when we install WordPress, by default we get stock WordPress theme which is Twenty seventeen at the moment.

You can always search themes from WordPress free themes directory using WP dashboard, or you can download any .zip file for the theme and upload it directly using any of the below given two methods.

How to Install WordPress Theme:

Login to your WordPress dashboard.

Go to Appearance > Themes > Add New.

install wordpress themes

install wordpress themes

Here is a screenshot for the procedure when I did it inside this blog.

install wordpress themes

Once you click on “Add New” on the next page you get 2 options to install your WordPress theme.

  • You can either upload the theme which you might have downloaded from some 3rd party site OR
  • You can search themes inside WP dashboard.

install wordpress themes

Let’s suppose you click on Upload Theme and you choose the .zip file your system and then click on Install now, your theme will be uploaded and will be installed on your server.

On the next screen, you will see an option to activate the theme. Click on ACTIVATE and your theme is successfully installed on your WordPress website.

Before you activate the theme, you can preview your site with a new design by clicking on Preview.

At times, preview might not give the exact preview and will show some error, it usually happens.

So, if it’s not your live site, you can activate and see the theme live on your site.


If you are switching from any WordPress theme whose SEO features you are using, don’t forget to export and import it to your new theme.

Or you can alternatively, use many plugins like WordPress SEO to import SEO settings from the current theme.

Anyways, I hope this Install WordPress theme guide will help you to move one more step to WordPress. If you have any particular query related to WordPress, don’t forget to let us know on our Fan page.

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