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GramKosh: The Ultimate Guide of Automating Instagram Business

Welcome to GramKosh.

On Behalf of Entire GramKosh team, we would like to welcome you on board as one of our VIP’s.

GramKosh is the Only web based Application For Instagram Stories Which Allows users to Post & Schedule Stories, Send Users to Multiple Links through One Bio Link, Premium Layouts To Showcase Product,  Lead Generation Directly from Instagram, Custom Feed for Every Users, Live Editor Dashboard, GramKosh Analytics, Auto Follow-Unfollow, Auto Commenting, Direct Messages, Most Trending Hashtags and much MORE….

Features Included For GramKosh Front End Purchase:

(#1) Post Instagram Stories from your desktop

(#2) Schedule as many Instagram stories directly from Desktop

(#3) Post & Schedule Instagram Images directly from Desktop

(#4) Post & Schedule Instagram Videos directly from Desktop

(#5) Live Preview inside Dashboard Before Posting

(#6) Photoshop like image editor to edit your Instagram stories & posts

(#7) Instagram Synced Affiliate Stores and Sites

(#8) 3 Premium Custom Feed Layout

(#9) GramKosh Insta Site Analytics

(#10) 30 Hashtags Direct Post & Schedule as First Comment

Features Included For GramKosh OTO1 Purchase:

(#1) One Link into Website Traffic + Blog Readers + Shopify customers + + Etsy Customers + Affiliate Offers + CPA Offers + Lead Generation + Direct Product Add To Cart + Product Pages

(#2) Ability to Map Insta Site on own Domain

(#3) Lead Generation Directly From Instagram- Sign Up Box & Giveaway Option on Top of Insta Site

(#4) Auto Follow Instagram accounts

(#5) Auto Unfollow Instagram accounts

(#6) Auto Likes on Targeted Posts

(#7) Auto Comments on Targeted Posts

(#8) Direct message to Followers, Following, New Followers

(#9) Search Hashtags to find Most Popular Hashtags

(#10) Content Generation

Here is a Quick Get Started Guide to help you get started with your Instagram Automation.


As soon as you purchase GramKosh, you would be sent credentials to login to the Cloud Based Application.

Please check your email for Credentials.

Navigate to https://gramkosh.com to login with your Username (Normally your Email) & password.
When you connect your instagram account to your GramKosh account you will be able to see almost all the features (except for a few depending on your purchase of FE or OTO).
Dashboard consists of 3 major options: Post Story, Add Account, Create Domain.
Click on Post Story.
On the next page, select your Instagram account.
Once you have selected your account, upload your Post Story from your computer and depending on your purchase of OTOs you might see an Edit Image option as well.
You can also give some delay and then click on “Post Now” to Post the Story at that point in time or else you can click on Schedule to post it later.
You will the similar options if you click on “Post Images” or “Post Videos” under Tasks on the left hand side panel.
There is a specific dimension by default for Story & Post 1080*1920 – Story Post – 1200*1200 or 600*600
Let’s suppose you wanna upload videos from your Desktop on your Instagram the you will have to click on “Post Videos” and you will have the same options.
The only difference will be something like the one shown in the image below. You will have this message for video uploads.
Click on Schedule under TASKS and you will be able to see all your schedules for Instagram related to stories, images and videos.
Click on Instagram Accounts and you will see your connected account. Depending on any upgrades purchased, you might be able to add multiple Instagram accounts.
Instagram Analytics panel will show you all number of visits, unique users, page views, bounce rate etc.
 COMMENTS (Hashtags):
Now let’s see the actual automation of Instagram. Scheduling engaging comments in your niche related Instagram pages.
Click “Comments (hashtags)” on the left hand side panel.
As shown in the image above, 1st enter the comment which you wanna schedule. Make sure you are not acting as if you are forcing them to come and view your page and follow.
Keep it engaging like this one:
“This is really motivational. But my point is how many are taking action on that feeling of getting motivated? I believe in Learn, Apply & Share which you will clearly see on my page. Thank you for posting this <3”
Then schedule the delay which you wish to have for your comments to be posted.
3rd you will have to select your Instagram account and then finally try to click on various tabs.
In the image above, we have entered “inspirationalquotes” beside hashtag-feed and then once we click on hashtag-feed it will show the entire feed having posts containing “inspirationalquotes” as one of the hashtags.
This means that once we have scheduled the comment and now every 5 minutes, the comment would be posted for images which has “inspirationalquotes” inside their hashtags.
Click Follow on the left side panel.
Select your Instagram Account.
Then select your criteria:
 Let’s say we go by #Follow by hashtags.
 Let’s say we go by “User Followers.”
 Enter the username which you wish to follow the accounts for, set the time and click “schedule.”
You will get something like this:
And you’re all set.
Click on Likes and follow the procedure shown below:
Same is the case when you click on “Comments.”
Click on Search on the left side panel.
Enter the keyword which you wish to search hashtags for and hit, search.
Go to Custom Domain > Set up
Then enter the name which you wish to have, your company name, select your Instagram account and click SAVE.
Then simply click on the image option which appears beside that pencil option.
It will redirect you to a new page which will show all your posts of your Instagram account till date.
If you blank spaces instead of your posts like the ones mentioned above then they might be not supported by the platform as off now as they would be instagram posts with brand new features.
This is how those missing images are looking on the phone.
 This is how it looks on the phone.
The above ones which are not displayed are the ones which are uploaded as “10 images in a row” update.
Next select a few images which would be added to your saved list.
Click on NEXT at the bottom of the page if you wish to add more.
Once you have selected a few and saved, click on the SAVED tab on the top in green color.
Now for all the posts which you wish to make clickable (hyperlink) you have to might wanna fill in all the information.
Refer to the image below for reference where I am making a post clickable for one of my ARTICLES on the blog.
Now once you are done, you can click on SEE WEBSITE on the top and check that all your posts are clickable. Don’t worry about the layout as it would be different over the phone.
Now the point is where do you place the new website or custom instafeed?
Go to www.instagram.com and login to your account on desktop.
Once you click on Edit Profile, you will have to simply insert that link in the section where it says, Website.
 Now to change the logo and everything inside this custom instafeed, you will have to go inside Custom domain > Overview and click on the PENCIL (edit).
Once you click on the Pencil you will have various options which are shown below:
Once all those things are done, you can actually see the analytics of your custom instafeed. You can see how many clicks you have got on what image you have got and a detailed report by going inside Custom domain > Analytics.
Click on “detailed report” and you will get all the analytics of your custom instafeed.
Now with this cool chrome extension you can download all the images from any ones Instagram profile.
Simply search for any user like below:
Download the extension here and add it to your chrome browser.
Then click on that chrome extension and click LOAD IMAGES while you have the Instagram account of that user opened.
 Once you click on Load Images, it will take some time for the entire thing to get downloaded.
Once done, you will can either download all the images by selecting all, or select a few and download them.
Once you have downloaded you can then go to Tasks > Post > Post Images and upload images which you wish to post or schedule for your Instagram page.
Go to Overview > Instagram Accounts and click on “Add New.”
Enter your account credentials and hit Submit.
And bingo, you will be redirected to the page where you will be able to see your 2nd account or multiple accounts.