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Suppose you’re a newbie preparing for a career in online advertising or a marketing professional looking to master your paid marketing skills. In that case, Google Ads certification is a great place to get started.

When Google accredits you, it tells others that you are an expert in the field. It’s a mark of differentiation that lets people know that they can trust an advertiser.

But nailing the Google Advertising certification tests is not an easy feat. That’s why we’ve built this study guide!

They need expertise and practical experience in all aspects of digital advertising, including best practices for managing and optimizing Google Ads campaigns.

You’ll need to prove that you not only understand how to run your own promotional campaigns but also the root causes of their success or failure.

Let’s get down to the specifics.

What’s Google Advertising Certification?

Google Ads certification is a technical accreditation issued by Google. Those who receive it must show a high degree of competence in their understanding of Google Advertising.

According to Google,

Google Ads certification enables individuals to show that Google accepts them as a specialist in online advertising.

Certification is available through Skillshop, the Google Online Training, and Certification Program.

There are six evaluations available, each with corresponding Google courses and study materials.

Certification of Google Ads Display:

This evaluation tests the ability to build an advertisement plan for the Google Display network, including using Google Display to boost brand awareness, improve customer retention, and reach new and existing customers.

Certification of Google Advertising Search:

This test explores how well you can create Google Search campaigns and optimize them for conversions or other metrics based on your goals. Check the use of Google Ad resources, such as Smart Bidding and Audience Solutions.

Certification of Google Advertising Measurement:

In this exercise, you will show how well you can use Google Analytics to manage campaigns and track success indicators such as sales, app downloads, and lead generation.

Certification of Google Advertising Video:

This assessment tests the ability to build and optimize video advertisement campaigns for YouTube and Google Video.

Certification of Shopping Ads:

This test measures the knowledge of effective Google Shopping Ad Campaigns, including the demonstration of ability with Showcase Shopping Advertising and Smart Shopping Campaigns.

Certification of Google Advertising Apps:

This assessment tests the ability to create, refine, and evaluate Google App Ad Campaigns.

There’s something that you need to hear about.

You’ve got 75 minutes to complete each test.

The tests range from 46 to 50 questions each.

You have to score 80 percent or more to pass most of the exams.

One exception is the Google Ads Apps Certification Test, which takes only 70 percent to pass.

What if the test fails?

You’ve got to wait a whole day before you can take it again.

The best part of it?

All the tests are absolutely free.

If you have passed your test, your Google Ads Certification is valid for a full year. At that point, you’re going to have to take the test again to keep your hard-earned qualified badge.

Now that you’re familiar with the qualification, it’s time to train for the Ace Exam!

How to Prepare a Certification Test

The Google Advertising evaluation focuses on particular areas of expertise, focusing on the ability to successfully serve ads on the Google Search Network, the Google Merchant Center, and YouTube, as well as on-target Display and Mobile Ad Campaigns.

This is not a small project that you’re about to set up, so let’s make sure you’re 100% packed.

Phase 1: Get on the Job Experience

This is the first thing that Google suggests to prepare for certification:

We recommend that you have on-the-job experience with Google Advertising. You should be familiar with online advertisement principles and best practices and have experience handling various types of Google Ads campaigns.

In order to pass any of the Google Ads certification tests, you need not only to understand the fundamental theories behind online advertising but also to be able to develop, serve, evaluate and optimize real-life ads. These activities are much simpler if you have the first-hand experience with Google Advertising. And if you’re familiar with the platform, you’ll have a sense of the tool’s strengths and limitations and know what topics you need to explore.

Move 2: Select a Google Ads Certification Test

If you’re not sure which assessment to choose from, the Google Ads Search and Show certifications are a good place to start. These assessments cover various best practices for Google Advertising, and the skills you develop for them can be widely applied across company forms. Certification of Shopping Advertising is also useful for retailers or eCommerce traders.

The Skillshop page for each assessment includes links to free courses and study materials so that you can completely prepare for the exam.

Step 3: Research, Study,

To access your study materials, simply go to Skillshop’s main Google Advertising certification page and select your test.

The evaluation pages include study guides to help you prepare and track progress.

You can also search the Google Advertising section of Skillshop to ensure that you are familiar with the basics of Google platforms and goods.

Each subject in this section includes a basic course and a Google Ads Certification Assessment so that you can build on your knowledge of the basics.

Basic courses are not posted on the evaluation pages—you will need to go to the main Google Advertising site to access them.

Google Advertising portion of the Skillshop

Google has also curated Google Advertising video lessons for someone who wants a more visual learning experience.

Besides Google’s own training materials, third-party learning sites, blogs (see our Ultimate Google Advertising Guide), and study groups can also help plan for the exams.

Just note that while the Google Ads certification is a free evaluation, third-party suppliers such as Lynda and Udemy can charge for their materials, so make sure that you or your team see the best choice.

Phase 4: Practice this way!

Once you’ve learned, it’s time for you to test your skills. Try to use various types of ad formats, new ad extensions, or new bidding techniques. Practicing the tactics you have learned will help to improve your evaluation skills.

In addition to checking skills on the Advertising site, you can also verify your expertise by using Google’s Skillshop practice tests.

Test prep for Google Ads

When you take the exam, the assigned time limit will be shown on your computer.

You can’t pause or close your tab, so make sure everything is fixed before you sit down to take the test.

When you have passed the test, congratulations! You are officially a specialist accredited by Google Advertising.

This is the ability you can share on LinkedIn to see your network. Google also provides advice on how to communicate the status of your Google Advertising certification.

Google Ads Certification Is Not All About Learning

Although it can sound like a lot of work to do, working hard to pass the Google Advertising tests is worth the effort.

Certification indicates that your colleagues, your boss, and your network are experts in your profession.

And most importantly, training for the exam is going to make you a better marketer.

Learn how to create more effective campaigns and evaluate their performance with Google Analytics.