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Digital Marketing Strategy Podcasts

I recently made my 1st podcast called Digital Marketing Podcast on iTunes (search for DIGITAL PRATIK in iTunes and you will see what I am referring to in iTunes) yesterday that is on 15th September 2017 and today I uploaded another one successfully with zero investment of money.

digital marketing podcasts with digital pratik

However, I have got a lot of people saying me that they don’t have an iPhone so can’t access my Podcast on iTunes… so i did something good for them as well.

Now you can find Digital Pratik’s Digital Marketing Strategy Podcasts on SoundCloud & Stitcher as well.

Listen on SoundCloud: http://digitalpratik.com/soundcloud

Listen on Stitcher: http://digitalpratik.com/stitcher
Listen on iTunes: http://digitalpratik.com/itunes

Hope you find it helpful.