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How to Create CUSTOM SNAPCODE in 5 minutes?

create custom snapcode - Pratiksinh Chudasama

Howdy snapchat lover, (if you are reading this you must be a snapchat lover :)) do you know how to create custom snapcode which looks cool and different than the normal boring yellow one?

Don’t you worry if you are’nt familiar with that.

In the next couple of minutes you will be able to change the color and background image and be able to create custom snapcode for yourself without paying a single dime to anyone!

I am having an awesome time snapping around.

I am in total love with Snapchat and on daily basis I do around 20-30 snaps in the segment of Digital Marketing & Life Hacks.

If by any chance, that sounds interesting to you add me on Snapchat by following this link.

My Snapchat id is: digitalpratik


Take a screenshot of my snapcode from your mobile (if you are taking a snap of the below snapcode directly from your Snapchat then you will see that I am automatically added to your Snapchat):

create custom snapcode - Pratiksinh Chudasama

Now let’s dive into how to create custom snapcode in 5 minutes.

There are a variety of different methods like doing the entire thing in Photoshop or free tools available of Internet wherein you will have to use a combination of 2 – 3 tools.

However in this article, I will show you how to create custom snapcode by using 1 single tool which is fucking simple to use 🙂

Let me show you the HARD WAY first (which a lot of people are doing).

Step 1: Visit https://accounts.snapchat.com/accounts/snapcodes & login to your Snapchat account.

create custom snapcode

Step 2: Once you login you will have an option to download your Snapcode just like the one below. Click on “DOWNLOAD SNAPCODE”

create custom snapcode

It will give you a .zip file.

Unzip & you will have 2 – 3 files inside out of which you will need .png image file in the next step.

Step 3: Open up Photoshop and get fucking crazy after editing your layers which is not at all recommended.

The EASY WAY (recommended).

Step 1: Go to www.snaptageditor.com and enter your Snapchat username and click outside some where to load your Snapcode.

create custom snapcode

Step 2: Upload the background image which you wish to have and change the color.

Step 3: VOILA!!! You’re done! Below I am showing the one which I have created and displayed earlier in this article.

create custom snapcode

Hope you enjoyed it!

Oh, and I’d love to connect on Snapchat with you so just scan the code!

Let me know in the comments if you like this and see you in another awesome post.

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