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Content Locker WordPress Plugin 2017 | How to Create Lock Content in WordPress

content locker

In this video I am going to show you step by step process of content locker in WordPress and I am also going to show you how I am using that on my blog.

By the way, just to confirm, do you even have a blog and that too on WordPress?

If not, the below mentioned video is not gonna make any sense to you.

However, don’t you worry. If you are reading this I have something for you to start with which will definitely make sense with the content locker.

Let me make that simpler for you:

This is what you should be doing.

If you don’t have a website, go to WordPress.com or WordPress.org and get your hosting and start your own website.

Here’s a step by step guide for you to start your own website today.

Step 1: Buy a domain (Other similar words are book a domain, register a domain, purchase a domain, rent a domain)

Step 2: Get your hosting (Purchase, rent, or buy)

Step 3: Change Domain Name System (DNS)

Step 4: Install WordPress

Now that you have the WordPress installed you can go further and watch the other WordPress tutorials here or you can watch the content locker video below:

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