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Buy A Domain For Your Blog: Complete Step by Step Guide

buy a domain

How to buy a domain for your blog?

Before we jump onto buying a domain for your blogging website, let’s first understand what exactly is “domain meaning?”

What is a domain name?

To understand, let’s take this scenario where we want to open up a restaurant.

First and the foremost thing which we need is the NAME of the restaurant. That is equivalent to DOMAIN NAME in online business or digital world.

Buy a Domain

Once we have decided on the name of the website we then need to buy a domain with that name.

Domain name are registered (bought or booked or purchased) from domain registrars like Godaddy, bigrock, 1and1, namecheap and many others.

Godaddy is World’s Largest Registrar having 24/7 Customer Support, Big Savings Over Others.

Services provided by them are Domain Registration, Domain Transfer, Domain Renewal, Personal Domains etc.

So, in this post we would be taking an example of buying a domain from Godaddy step by step.

The normal cost of a domain is around Rs. 700 a month; however, in this post I will you how to buy a domain for as low as Rs. 99 for .com domains.

.com, .net, .co.in, .org, .net and many others like these which are included with the website name are called Domain extensions.

So, the method where we will buy a domain for as low as Rs. 99 will only apply for .com domain extensions.

All others will be at normal price.

Let’s begin:

Go to https://www.google.com by clearing your cookies & histories.

How to clear your cookies and histories?

Windows PC : CTRL + SHIFT + DEL

MAC PC: Command + Shift + Del

Now you will have to clear the browsing data because at times the coupons which we apply don’t work.


Go to incognito window by pressing:

Windows PC: CTRL + SHIFT + N

MAC PC: Command + Shift + N

Incognito window is only in Google Chrome browser.

Once you are in incognito mode, you have to search for a term as below:

“99 rs godaddy”

“.com domain godaddy”

“Rs 99 domain godaddy”

“Godaddy coupon code”

“99 domain godaddy”

You will be able to see either of the ones mentioned here: (below are the screenshots taken as off 14th Nov. Will keep on updating them as frequent as possible).

buy a domain

buy a domain

buy a domain

buy a domain

buy a domain

Once you see this, click on the first LINK which says “GoDaddy Official Site as shown in the images above.

You will be redirected to Godaddy’s official website; however, just because you followed this method you will be able to see Rs. 99 price on the home page.

buy a domain - godaddy

Now search for your desired domain name which you want to have for your website.

For this post we will take an example of booking a domain name: 


So let us check if that domain name is available or not.

buy a domain - godaddy

As you can see in the image above, if your domain is available it will give you a message saying: “Yes! Your domain is available.”

Let’s suppose your domain name is not available. In that case, you will see a message something like the one in the image below:

buy a domain - godaddy

Let’s proceed further assuming you have got your domain name available.

Now click on “Select” button in the green color against Rs. 99 as shown below:

buy a domain - godaddy

Once you click on that, it will verify the availability and give you an update like this:

buy a domain - godaddy

Once it is Selected with a green tick mark, it will say 1 domain selected.

Click on “Continue to Cart” button as shown above.

It will take you to the next page where it will give you some additional services which are optional.

You don’t need them.

So simply click on “Scroll down to continue to cart” as shown below:

buy a domain - godaddy

Below you will have to click on “Continue to cart” in the orange color button.

buy a domain - godaddy

On the next page it will say that “Promotion has been applied to your cart!” however, you will see a difference in the total price.

That is because the TERM selected is 2 years by default as shown below:

buy a domain - godaddy

Change the term period to 1 year to get your domain name for just Rs. 99 for the first year and then the normal price from 2nd year onwards.

You can also pay for more years as per your wish.

For this post, we will go ahead with 1 year option for the term period and then we will be able to see a price of Rs. 111 in total which includes Rs. 12 as Taxes & fees on top of Rs. 99 for the domain for first year.

buy a domain - godaddy

Now click on “Proceed to checkout.”

On the next screen you will get 2 options:

1.) Continue as New Customer

2.) Login as Returning Customer.

buy a domain - godaddy

Now be careful.

If you already have an account with Godaddy don’t login as a returning customer for this new domain name.

This method of getting a new domain name on Goddady for Rs. 99 only works for NEW CUSTOMERS.

So, simply continue as New Customer.

And for people who have never had an account with Godaddy, you know what you need to do next 😉

Once you click on “Continue” you will have to fill in the form as a new customer.

buy a domain - godaddy

While you are filling out the form make sure you take care of one thing.

When you scroll down on the form a little, you will see Account Information.

Under that section, you will have Email Address. Make sure you use a brand new email address which you may have never ever used for a Godaddy account.

Because if you use an email address which was previously been used for Godaddy account then it will treat you as a returning customer and then you will have to pay the normal price.

The promotion of Rs. 99 won’t work.

Another thing is when you start typing the USERNAME then you will see that the letters are getting typed with a little lag.

Don’t you worry. I guess that’s a bug which I am seeing since atleast from past 3 years now as long as I remember. Haha…

Once you are done filling out the form you select the payment method as shown at the bottom of the page and hit “Continue.”

buy a domain - godaddy

On the next page you will be able to see your Order Summary as below.

buy a domain - godaddy

Fill in the Captcha and click on “Place Your Order.” Any of the above 2 buttons will work. Doesn’t matter.

Also, make sure you agree the terms and conditions before clicking the button.

Voila! You have successfully placed your order and now you know how to buy a domain for your website.

Oh yeah, by the way, one more thing: I have heard a lot of people saying that they are not able to apply the promotion.

Even I have faced the same problems a lot of times and in those cases when you click on Place Your Order you will have a pop up saying:

buy a domain - godaddy

In that case, click OK and unfortunately you will have to pay the price which is shown on your screen.

That’s it for this post.

Now that you have successfully placed your order for a new domain name, you will want to buy the best hosting service to host your domain.

Refer to this article: The Best Web Hosting For Your WordPress Blog.

Hope this post was helpful. Share your thoughts in the comments below because:

Sharing is Sexy, you see 🙂

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