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3 Different Ways To Install WordPress Plugin From Your Blog

install wordpress plugin

This is a part of “How to Start a Blog” The Definitive Guide of 2017.

In this blog post, you will learn 3 Different Ways To Install WordPress Plugin From Your Blog Dashboard.

So far you have gone through these steps:

If you followed the above steps in sequence I am sure you already know that WordPress plugins helps to enhance the performance of your WordPress blog.

So as a blogger, you must know how to install them in WordPress.

Technically, WordPress offers three ways to install WordPress plugins on your blog:

  1. FTP
  2. Search, Install & Activate within your WordPress dashboard
  3. Download from 3rd Party and then Upload, Install in your WordPress

Let’s see all of these 3 methods.


In the FTP method, you upload the plugin using an FTP software such as FileZilla or CyberDuck.

You then activate and configure it.

In the other two methods, you search, find, install, and activate the plugin with a few simple clicks.

Search, Install & Activate within your WordPress dashboard:

Login to your WordPress Dashboard.

Go to Plugins > Add New

install wordpress plugin

If you know the name of the plugin, you can directly search from the dashboard and install it.

In this case, I searched for “wp smush” and I got the following results:

install wordpress plugin

You can click on “More Details” to see more information about any plugin.

install wordpress plugin

Make sure you check that the plugin is compatible with your current version of WordPress.

install wordpress plugin

Once you are satisfied, next click on “Install Now.”

install wordpress plugin

It will start “installing” and within a couple of seconds depending on the plugin size, it will give you an option to “Activate” the plugin.

install wordpress plugin

install wordpress plugin

The next step is to go into the settings panel of the plugin and make all of the necessary changes.

Much of the time, we make the mistake of installing plugins without properly configuring them.

After installing any plugin, always be sure to configure the settings.

Download from 3rd Party and then Upload, Install in your WordPress:

In this method to install WordPress plugin, you simply have to go to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin

install wordpress plugin

You will then get to choose the zip file which you might have downloaded from a 3rd party site.

Simply, choose file and click “install now.”

install wordpress plugin

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At this time, WordPress only accepts the .zip format for uploading WordPress plugins and themes.

Three Ways To Install A WordPress Plugin

Personally, I prefer using the dashboard’s search and upload feature OR if I have a premium plugin like Social Warfare, I upload and install.

If you are completely new to WP or are planning to start with WordPress then check out:

If you have any issues regarding installing, activating, and deactivating plugins, let me know via the comments.

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